Thanks to the Bradford Photographic Society, I was given the opportunity to do something I’d never done before; shoot a model in a professional studio!

This was a new experience for me.  I’ve never worked with a model before, let alone in a studio setting.  Needless to say, I felt a little intimidated and out of my comfort zone…

But hey, that’s where the magic happens!

The Divine Miss Aitch was an incredible model to work with.  When I met her, instead of going straight into ‘directions’ for poses I decided to give her a huge hug and introduce myself first.  This is a technique I’ve picked up from other aspects of my life as it’s a good way of breaking the ice and it shows that each party trusts the other.  Given we were about to be working fairly intimately together it felt the best way to start.

Once the correct setting had been dialled into my camera, we got shooting.

BTW, that’s not me with the camera… I wasn’t the only photographer there!

Rookie lesson #1:

When the studio technician tells you the best settings for your camera, those settings are designed to allow your camera and all the intricately configured studio lighting to work together properly.  When you alter these setting, strange things start to happen!

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, here are the results:-

Model: The Divine Miss Aitch
Studio: Silkwood Studio, Bradford
Camera used: Canon 6D
Lens used: Tamron 28-70 f2.8